Work From Home As An Ebay Affiliate

By Tracey Merrells-Fort

If anyone were to tell you that there is some serious money to be made in affiliate marketing, would you believe them? After all, in order to see much of any affiliate revenue streaming in, you will need to either diversify and more or less sell out your web space to a plethora of other businesses, or sign up with a high end retailer that might not get much repeat business, but where a successful sale more than makes up for the time of famine that goes in between successful transactions.

Yet Internet savvy home based business entrepreneurs have found another niche that is profitable and even easy, no matter how much competition they experience: the eBay affiliate program. Anyone ready to work from home most likely will have already stumbled across some mentions of this amazing deal but if thus far you have failed to make the time and read up on it, prepare yourself to be surprised when you find out that commission may go as high as 65% on the revenue the company takes in!

Indeed any affiliate marketer knows that she or he will be hard pressed to find another program that offers a similarly generous remuneration scheme. When you work from home as an eBay affiliate, you will experience the following revenue streams:

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1. Earn revenue for any new eBay visitor you send to the site and who will sign up for a basic user account. Bonuses range from $10 to $20, but the catch is that the individual in question must be a bona fide eBay newbie.

2. Earn revenue by referring potential eBay store owners to the site and sign up to open their online store there. The minimum bonus amount is $25 for each new eBay store you refer to the site which never before held a store site there.

3. Those who are particularly industrious and have a knack for building relationships with merchants will find that any month where your total of signed up merchants meets or exceed 100, you will receive an addition remuneration of $25 per merchant, thus potentially upping your bonus from $25 to $50 per sign up!

At this point in time Commission Junction is the affiliate program administrator and all sign ups can be made directly through that company. Anyone who might still be hesitant to work from home as an eBay affiliate will do well to remember that eBay is an international phenomenon. You are not limited to just signing up your neighborhood merchants or those with whom you already have a working relationship, but you might actually do the same over the Internet with any country on this planet that has legal trade relations with the United States!

Since daily there are new users who enter the Internet for the first time and who are ready for sign up, there is a very real guarantee that you will never run out of clients, and this is indeed a work from home opportunity that can continue indefinitely. Who knows, you might even figure out a way to find helpers in foreign countries who – for a promise of payment – will be your eyes and ears in the local communities rather than sign up with eBay directly! This is truly an entrepreneurial opportunity well worth checking out.

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Important Factors For Choosing Right Media Buying Agency

Important Factors for Choosing Right Media Buying Agency



Important Factors for Choosing Right Media Buying Agency

Selecting a right media company can be a chaotic and difficult task. Here comes some steps that will help you out in choosing right media company.


Decide your budget and contact multiple media buying, get a complete plan on the exposure of your brand and what kind of conversions you will get in return. Please note that the higher you have budget the higher you will get exposure.

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Media Strategy & Placement

When we talk of strategy and placement, to be very honest, some clients are aware of placement and strategy and some are not. But in media strategy, a client should be aware which platform agency will be using for you and what kind of creatives will be showcased in that. Do ensure that your media buying agency know that you expect them to conduct complete research and kind of ROI you are expecting from them.


As mentioned above, anybody can buy media but knowing the right strategy and coverage for media buying is important task that you need to look at. It is quite difficult to buy a good media buying agency but in that case you can take several referrals from other companies or your friends and colleagues. Also, while selecting the media buying agency, you can ask agencies how they will buy and negotiate on CPC and CPM basis. This will give a fair idea how well versed that company is.


The most crucial part of media buying is advertisement postings. There are several agency who won t talk about postings which presenting the proposal. But as a matter of fact, you should always ask about the channels where your advertisements will be appearing. Through that you will get the exact idea that you company is targeting the right audience or not.


Tracking is the most important aspect of media buying. There are several ways through which you keep an eye check on your advertisements. Do ask your agency about the tracking tool which they will use for your media advertisement. Usually, agencies have their own software to keep the right track of campaign. Apart from software, advertisement channels also provide access to agencies to track the report on the daily basis.

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