New Additions To Cosmetic Dentistry

Submitted by: Adriana Notton

Decades ago all forms of dentistry centered around treatment rather than prevention. In the 1960s new toothpastes came out that focused on prevention for cavities, and dentistry was brought into a new era. Suddenly our teeth were something to be proud of, not problems to be dealt with. Today in the 21st century we have gone even further – cosmetic dentistry is one of the fastest growing industries anywhere.

Not everyone is born with a beautiful smile. Teenagers grow out of proportion to their mouths and teeth become misplaced, crooked, or even impacted. Although orthodontics and braces play a pivotal role in getting things back to normal, braces can’t handle everything. There are many other issues at stake that can solve problems sometimes more difficult.

Bonding was one of the first inventions when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Common the early 1980s, bonding provided dentists with added income since most insurers didn’t pay for this type of vanity service, and it provided patients with a very affordable method to repair chipped teeth and even fill gaps and fix cracks.

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Bonding replaced the need for many caps. Wealthy individuals, previous to this new process, would choose to have all their teeth filed down and capped, giving them the perfect smile they dreamed of at sometimes a great cost – over and above the dentist’s bill.

Caps, especially back then, were notorious for breaks and chips and even for falling off. When bonding came about, it was discovered that bonding could do almost everything a cap could for a fraction of the cost and discomfort. Actually, bonding has no pain or discomfort at all associated with the procedure.

The next major improvement was implants. This was a major boon to patients and the entire industry alike. No longer did perfectly good teeth need to be ruined in order to fashion bridges and dentures. If a tooth was missing, a brand new one could replace it. Although the process has always been fairly painful and expensive, it works, and it has been a blessing for many people who have lost prominent teeth that they didn’t want replaced by an obvious partial denture.

Implants have come a long way since their original introduction back in the 80s, but the premise is the same. A metal screw is placed directly into the jaw bone and a “fake” tooth is made to sit on top. These implants look and act identical to real teeth. They are permanent and unless the jaw bone has a problem, they remain intact forever. The cost can be prohibitive for many, but as time goes on the prices have come down a bit and some larger insurance companies have started at least some partial reimbursements and dentists have teamed up with finance companies to provide payment options.

Veneers are another boon to the industry. Veneers are simply placed over the front of an original tooth without damaging the tooth itself. These are most commonly used for front teeth, and at a considerable cost for each one, many patients are happy to replace only their front teeth and still see a major improvement.

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Dentist Fort Worth What Services Should You Look For In A Good Dentist?

Submitted by: Joanog Fulton

To find a good dentist, you will need to do a bit of research. A basic understanding of your dental needs and desires for instant is something that you will need an understanding of. Is teeth whitening one of your needs? Are you going for crowns or tooth extraction?Perhaps you are interested in getting laser whitening procedures with topical solution options? A bit about what you want is one thing that you will need to know. Using this; you will find the right dentist for your needs. To measure the different offices available when you are looking for a dentist, use your needs as a yardstick.

You can find a good dentist through the phone book, as well as by asking friends and family for their input. This can be a great tool to use and will allow you to get an actual patient’s perspective of the dentist’s methods and mannerisms. The internet is also a great tool to use. As most dentists have a website today, you can use your favorite search engine to sort through the various dentists in your area and locate one with the specialty that you need.

Cosmetic work should also be able to be done by your dentist beyond simple general chores. You may choose to have more advanced work such as laser whitening, bonding, and tooth implants though whitening is the most common service, for example. These sorts of thing are very good for your self-esteem even though they may not be necessary in your dental health. You likely want a row of teeth, not gaps when you are thirty but having a gap at four might be cute, for example.

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A good dentist can give you dental implants that will suit your mouth. Even if you decide you don’t need these services now, you may want them in the future or someone else in you family wants them, so it’s good to have them available.

Are you leery about some materials like mercury and thus want a mercury free dentist, how do you feel about different kinds of fillings or do you care about that? Keep in mind that a mercury free dentist can be hard to find, so once you do find one, you may want to hold on tight to that one! And of course you have to figure out what you can afford and what your insurance will cover.

It is important to consider your finances as well as what you want from your dentist as some insurance companies only cover certain dentists and certain work done. Because you never know when you will need something beyond cavity filling and cleaning consider that the more services your dentist offers, the better for you.

A good dental clinic will give you the sense that you are important and you will be treated with care. In regards to any problems with your teeth, the dentist will tell you what your options are. A very thorough investigation will be done by the dentist before beginning any treatment and after explaining things in easy to understand terms. The cost and their billing options, which are pretty important will be explained by them.

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